A Short Useful Guide on Where to Shop in Rio De Janeiro

If you are vacationing in Rio de Janeiro it is impossible not to find some interesting souvenirs to shop for. This city is known as the mostly visited city in South America and for this reason, you will find locals earning a living from all those original products they can sell to tourists coming from all corners of the world.

Beside all the touristic spots that are worth visiting, you can always start shopping in Rio de Janeiro in search of various goods that come in a wide range of prices and different levels of quality. Even if not all of them are affordable, you can still find items that can suit any budget.

Now depending on your financial possibilities, you can find shops in Rio de Janeiro selling items of high quality but also the ones that come at cheaper price sold through various flea markets. As a result every tourist has something to shop for , irrespective of their individual budget. Speaking of budget, you may be interested to visit Centro where all sorts of cheap products are traded for lower costs.

Carioca is another location that you should check on while shopping in Rio de Janeiro where plenty of products are offered bearing the genuine print of Brazilian culture and tradition. This place is loaded with stalls displaying products to choose from. Are you in for some traditional food, then in this area you have the chance to experience the Brazilian cuisine with foods that you have never tasted before.

Other places to do your shopping in Rio de Janeiro are:

  • Copacabana offers a night market that is open each and every evening up to midnight (except for Sunday) where souvenirs can be shopped for to remind you and your family back home of the trip you have taken to this exotic place.
  • Ipanema is a place where each Sunday you will find the Hippie Fair opened where various products are traded, from furniture to jewelry and traditional foods.
  • The largest market in Rio de Janeiro is called Feira Nordestina Sao Cristovao rich in more than 700 stalls offering a wide range of items. You can shop in here for anything you want and you can have your lunch in any of the restaurants spread in the area while listening to the local accordion music.
  • As to the market of foods, Rio de Janeiro is the city where you can find stalls loaded with exotic fruits and veggies that you have never tasted before. Beside visiting the tourist attractions that will offer you an introduction to the culture and history of the place, you may as well shop for these foods and enrich your culinary experience with unique flavors and tastes.

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